As you can see the team at Peacock Pearls Cambridge is very small, but that's what makes us special. We are committed to creating high quality pearls and jewellery, as well as providing an excellent customer service experience.


Susanna Chung

Director and Jewellery Designer

Originally from Hong Kong, Susanna moved to Cambridge in 1997 and has been creating handmade jewellery ever since. She specialises in sourcing all our pearls and gemstones herself, ensuring that Peacock Pearls Cambridge obtains the best quality for our customers. Susanna then begins the exciting process of designing and handcrafting each piece of jewellery from scratch, ready to sell online!


Dominique Leighton

Sales and Customer Service Manager

Dominique has extensive experience in sales, originally trading on the Cambridge Market until Peacock Pearls Cambridge moved online. She helps customers find the right item of jewellery; whether it be for a special occasion or a personal gift. Dominique manages all our customer service enquiries and requests, ensuring that the sales process runs smoothly from start to finish. She works alongside Susanna to provide elegant jewellery for every customer.


Annie Leighton

Social Media and Marketing Manager

Annie manages all our social media accounts and eCommerce websites. She focuses on the professional presentation of each product, ensuring that every customer receives the best online experience. Annie manages the posting and packaging, ensuring each sold item is delivered safely to all our happy customers. Annie also happens to be the daughter of Dominique; the passion for pearls and jewellery runs through the family!