Our selection of freshwater pearls...

We have a large variety of pearls, ranging in all different shapes, sizes and colours. Don't just take our word for it, have a look for yourself and explore our unique collection!


Diamond Shaped Pearls

Small diamond shaped pearls are always very attractive and modern. These earrings are part of a matching necklace, in the colour of dark lavender, which looks original and elegant.


Baby Baroque Pearls

These cute, little pearls are called baby baroque pearls. This necklace is made up of three separate strings (with crystal spacers in between the pearls) twisted together to make a bundle of golden delight.


Potato Pearls

These small potato pearls look good enough to eat. They are so popular amongst customers that they come in several natural colours; in this case, light lavender. A small potato pearl necklace is always beautiful, yet discreet.


Square Pearls

These square pearl earrings, in classic white, are very unusual. They bring an element of fun to the collection. Their unconventional texture is both hypnotizing and impressive!


Round Pearls

These round pearl are the most iconic fashion statement. Round pearls will always be associated with elegance and glamour. Every jewellery enthusiast should always have a simple, yet classic pair of round pearl earrings in their collection.


Coin Pearls

This small, flat pearl is appropriately named coin pearls. Coin pearls are approximately the same size as a 5p coin. Coin pearls are often unblemished however, sometimes you find unusual markings which turn out to be very decorative.


Stick Pearls

These stick pearls are very sweet and delicate. If you look closely, each stick pearl is subtly different, just like every wooden stick. This silver/lavender coloured necklace comes with matching earrings which dangle softly against the light.


Mother of Pearl Shell

These mother of pearl shell earrings are a showstopper piece in the collection! The colours and textures change with every movement. Although they look very heavy and chunky, they are remarkably lightweight and easy to wear.