When it comes to describing our products or our business standards, hear it from our customers. Take a look at their feedback below and learn all there is to know about our excellent service and enjoyable shopping experience.

"Peacock Pearls Cambridge are just great. Lovely pearl jewellery and for very reasonable prices. I have many sets of earrings and necklaces/ Excellent quality. Always a friendly and helpful welcome. Strongly recommended."

JUNE 2021

"My daughter has bought me the most amazing jewellery from this stall, usually for birthdays. The pearls are always so high-quality!"


November 2020

"Peacock Pearls Cambridge has a great variety of gemstones on their Market stall. I'm really impressed by the different sizes and quality of all the gemstones. I bought three beautiful bracelets in one day!"


October 2020

"Peacock Pearls has been my go-to jewellery shop for many years! The jewellery is exquisite. They have a huge range of items too, so I have never struggled to find the perfect gift for myself, my friends, or family members. Highly recommend."


August 2020


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